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Posted on 10.18.2011

Facebook Rolling Out Timelines

Once again, Facebook is changing its look and user experience with the introduction of Timelines.  In the near future, Timelines will replace the Facebook profile and offer a complete history of your Facebook usage dating back to the activation of your account. Formerly an organized profile with a tidy single stream of posts, the new Timeline features dual columns that chronicle your status updates, wall posts, images in varying sizes, shared links and more.  In addition, users can further customize their pages by adding a panoramic “cover photo” to the top of their Timeline.

  When announcing the Timeline feature last month at the F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “If the original profile was the first five minutes of your conversation, and the stream is the next 15 (minutes), then I want to show you the rest." Once activated, users and their friends can go back in Facebook time by clicking on a month and year on the Timeline.   All of the content that you thought was lost and gone forever is now accessible in a single click of the mouse.  But, don’t worry.  If some of these memories are ones you would like to keep in the past, content can easily be removed or hidden from the Timeline. If you can’t wait until the official roll out, we have instructions on how to activate your Timeline right now: 1) Click here to access the Facebook Developer page and click “Allow.” 2) Click “Create New App” in the top right corner. 3) You will be prompted to give your app a display name and name space.  It doesn’t matter what you name them, you just have to type something.  Once you name them, click “Continue.” 4) The next window will give you a CAPTCHA verification before taking you to the new apps’ settings screen. 5) Click on the Open Graph link.  You will be prompted to define an action for your new app.  Again, you can type whatever you like.  Click “Get Started.” 6) Ta-dah!  You now have activated your Timeline.  Enjoy taking a journey down Facebook memory lane! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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