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Posted on 10.02.2009

Direct Mail Successful Year After Year

One of the projects I have enjoyed working on the most during my time at Lovell is the annual Strength for Service direct mail piece. (Strength for Service is an ecumenical daily devotional geared toward the military and others in service professions.) Each year, we do a mailing to more than 35,000 Methodist churches encouraging them to host a Strength for Service Sunday – a turnkey program for churches to collect donations support this non-profit book. It can be a challenge to come up with a fresh look and content each year, but we do! Check out the covers from the past three years. We just received an update from Strength for Service and are pleased to share what program director Larry Coppock had to report: This year, with a $16,000 investment, we have raised more than $122,000 or more than 10 times what we spent! Lovell has done an excellent job communicating the message of the project in a fresh and relevant way every year. -Larry Coppock This piece is an excellent example of how strategic thinking (a direct mail piece to every Methodist church in America) compelling content (stories and testimonials mixed with an easy program) and great design (see images above) can cause people to take action.

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