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Posted on 10.17.2019

Digitizing Care: Meeting Patients Where They Are

It’s no secret patients want convenient, on-demand health care. We’re seeing this in action as health systems fine tune their telehealth programs. But digital upgrades go beyond the care visit, infiltrating the administrative processes of choosing doctors, setting appointments and paying medical bills. Some providers are going so far as to create symptom checking apps, doctor match programs and same-day appointment initiatives to ensure patients get the answers they want, when they want them. The digital realm is so important, in fact, that about 41% of patients would consider visiting a different provider if it meant they’d have a better digital experience, according to a recent study. And compared to people over 65, younger adults were four times more likely to make the switch because they encountered poor online options.

Not sure your digital presence is up to par? Check out these small changes you can make to enhance patient satisfaction:

Review and revamp your website
If your website appears a little worse for wear, it might be time to refresh. View your website through potential patients’ eyes: Is it user-friendly? Is it clear where visitors can find useful information such as services and payment options, physician bios and contact information? Is the language concise and meaningful? Consider what people might research online and make sure the content on your site addresses those questions.

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Clean up your online reputation
Did you know 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses? Patient opinions about your organization matter, so make sure you know what those opinions are by managing your online reputation. If you haven’t already, create accounts on the platforms that make sense for your organization and use them to engage the public. Complete a social media audit, monitor for additional social pages and Google listings that might pop up organically, and claim them before they confuse potential patients about your location, services and other information.

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Segment your audiences
You likely have multiple communication platforms: social channels, email, website and maybe more. Dive into your audiences, segment them into groups based on their interests and communicate with them via their preferred channels. Tailor your messages to meet their needs and, in doing so, you’ll build and nurture relationships and earn their loyalty. For example, if website visitors keep landing on a specific page to download a whitepaper about a particular treatment program, send them more information about that program and related services. Continue to pursue the relationship and encourage potential patients to look to you for services and support.

You don’t need to create an app or utilize AI technology to improve the digital patient experience – a few manageable tweaks can do the trick. For help improving your organization’s digital presence, contact Lovell Communications.

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