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Posted on 03.04.2021

Creating a Positive Brand Experience Through Your Vaccine Efforts

As production ramps up in the U.S. and a third manufacturer receives Emergency Use Authorization, more hospitals and health departments are able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in their communities. Holding a community vaccination clinic certainly benefits public health and also presents an opportunity to showcase your hospital’s brand to potential new patients and reinforce loyalty among existing patients.

If your facility is administering the vaccine to your current patient base or members of the community, consider these opportunities to build a positive brand experience:

1. Make your online scheduling process intuitive and informative. A complicated registration process can frustrate and alienate users from the beginning. Choose an online, HIPAA-compliant form that is easy to install on your website and convenient for patients to access. Be thoughtful about the information you need to collect from patients and who on your staff will receive and prioritize submissions. Provide the opportunity for everyone to register for a vaccine by using a form that is ADA accessible. And be sure to consult with your IT team to ensure you have the proper infrastructure in place before going live; anticipate a response rate that is exponentially greater that your busiest website traffic day ever.

2. Provide clear instructions and information. Phases 1a and 1b were a bit messy in some areas of the country and some vaccination sites took a black eye. Make it as easy as possible for patients to register online by explaining the process clearly and concisely. Include an FAQ section to address as many questions upfront as possible to mitigate confusion when patients come onsite. If you provide a phone number on your website for patients to call with questions, designate a staff member to answer the line, arm that person with accurate information and ensure they understand your hospital’s vaccination policies and processes.

3. Share information from reliable sources to build trust. The CDC’s vaccine website offers well-designed, consumer-friendly materials to share with your patients. Link directly to these resources or those provided by your state or local health department to offer additional information to your community prior to and after their vaccine. Arming patients with enough information to feel comfortable in the process reduces anxieties around receiving the vaccine and can help position your organization as a trusted provider.

4. Give away branded promotional items. For many, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine may be their first experience with your facility. Use this opportunity to remind patients of your place in the community with branded vaccine card holders, hand sanitizer or masks. Include your website URL and phone number whenever possible.

And just like the pride many feel when they sport an “I voted today” sticker, allow visitors who receive the COVID vaccine at your facility the opportunity to serve as a brand ambassador and mini moving billboard by sending them off with an “I got the vaccine” sticker. We’ve created a few sticker templates to help get you started!


FREE DOWNLOAD > Create your own vaccine stickers with our downloadable template

If you need help deploying your vaccine registration process or marketing your services to potential new patients, contact Lovell Communications. We’re here to help.

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