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Posted on 02.10.2011

Communicating Change to Employees

More than half of the world's largest companies trust the firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) for professional services and financial advice. To stay current with local, national and international regulations and trends, the people of DTT are accustomed to change … but usually not during the heat of tax season. Strategy and tactics When DTT realized an untimely computer upgrade needed to be made to one of its mainstay programs, they feared employees would resent the inevitable interruptions. Lovell was hired to help minimize confusion and facilitate the change. We created a three-part internal "direct mail" effort and supporting campaign that addressed employee concerns and communicated the elements necessary for a successful transition. Post cards, posters, blast emails and voice mails all "teased" the introduction of the improved program, provided an incentive for employees to embrace the new tool and complemented DTT's internal training materials. Results Despite the hectic nature of the accounting world in the months preceding April 15, DTT was able to successfully transition employees to the new internal auditing platform. The excitement generated by the communication and incentive campaign helped pique employees' interest in the upgrade, setting the stage for the training and IT departments to successfully execute the transition. Client Response Because of the success of the internal communication program, DTT also retained Lovell for the graphic design of the training materials and Intranet site related to the new software upgrade.

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