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Posted on 08.01.2019

Build a Case Study That Drives Interest and Sales

A compelling case study can be a critical component in demonstrating your organization’s skills and competencies to potential new customers. A good case study is more than just a few facts about the positive outcomes a client achieved; it should clearly draw the contrast between the situation before and after the customer engaged you.

A well-written case study gives potential customers a clear window into how your organization addresses challenges and opportunities, provides solutions and delivers meaningful results. It should help potential customers relate to the situation of the customer you’re describing.

Case studies are also critical to generating interest from trade and general media reporters. An article by a third-party gives your case study story further credibility and reach than you may achieve through other promotional strategies.

So, where do you start?

First, make sure the candidate you profile is a delighted customer in good standing that has given you their permission to be profiled.

Second, review the details of the engagement. How long have you worked with the customer? What was the challenge or opportunity they faced? What history did they have with other attempts to solve the problem? What were the goals for the project? How did you help the customer achieve them? This is where you often learn interesting anecdotes to provide the case study its weight, substance and relatability.

Next, talk with the customer. What metrics can they share? Talk to the senior-most executive in the organization to obtain a good quote for your profile.

Finally, determine the most compelling data. Find the four or five most important metrics critical to what success looked like in the eyes of the client and provide them in an easy-to-understand format that explains why the metrics are important.

For reporters, case studies are critical raw materials upon which they can build compelling narratives.

The best of them prove why an organization (or its employees or solutions) are worth writing about. Interested reporters will want to fill in the story with additional details that can only be gleaned through interviews, but a case study tailored to a reporter’s interest can help them make the critical decision whether your customer’s story warrants spending further valuable time.

Case studies can be extremely valuable in building your business. They are an opportunity to convince future customers you’re the best investment of their resources because you’ve demonstrated your ability to delighted customers they can relate to.

So, don’t waste the opportunity to tell the story of these valuable successes; leverage them!

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