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Posted on 05.12.2009

Blogging for Southwest Airlines

Last month, I blogged about how my scrapbooking hobby influences my creative work at Lovell Communications. Well, another one of my hobbies has trickled into influencing my work as well - blogging. I started blogging several years ago about you guessed it, scrapbooking, but it has evolved to a hybrid mommy-scrapbooking blog since I had my son, Elias, 10 months ago today.

I am pleased to share that I have been asked by Southwest Airlines to be its official mommy blogger. What does this mean? Southwest runs one of the most popular company blogs in the world. Occasionally, I will write guest blog posts for it about all things related to children and traveling. (To clarify, this is not a paid position and is something I do outside of work.)

My first blog post on infant travel tips can be read here. So if this is not something I am doing at work, why am I blogging about it on my work blog? Well, because this opportunity definitely will influence my work at Lovell Communications. For starters, I can personally testify about the influence a blogger can have on a large corporate brand like Southwest.

Oftentimes, I think corporate clients are scared of blogging, but this doesn't have to be the case - especially if a well thought out campaign is launched in conjunction with the blog. For example, I worked with Southwest Airlines on the development of a campaign called "My Peanut and I Fly Southwest" to kick off my mommy-blogger gig. Southwest created "My Peanut and I Fly Southwest" buttons for moms (and dads/grandparents/etc.) to post to their blogs, Facebook profiles, etc.

To sweeten the deal, if participants post a button on their site of choice between now and May 31, then leave a comment on this post, they will be entered to win a family four-pack of tickets to fly anywhere Southwest flies! By motivating people to post these buttons on their sites, Southwest is getting hundreds of additional links to their blog all over the Internet - and word is spreading virally affirming that Southwest is a family-friendly airline. Nuts About Southwest When the contest was announced, I started twittering about it. So did Southwest. And then a bunch of people "re-tweeted" our tweets. The contest news spread like wildfire and since Friday, more than 300 people have entered. That, my friends, is viral marketing at its finest, and my favorite strategy to employ on behalf of my clients. It isn't a fit for everyone, but when it is, the results can be powerful.

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