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Posted on 03.02.2017

Blog with Strategy in Mind

Starting a blog can be a good way to gain credibility and exposure for your business, but it’s also a big commitment. With so much content competing for attention online, it can be hard to stand out. Despite the intense competition, adding a blog to your website can help attract new customers and keep people engaged with your services. Research finds companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their websites and generate 55 percent more site visits compared to companies that do not. Additionally, B2B companies that regularly blog receive 67 percent more leads every month. If you develop a good blog strategy, your company can greatly benefit from the awareness generated by blogging.


If you’re thinking about starting a blog, consider these pieces of advice before you get started.  

Blog with strategy in mind

Come up with a compelling blog strategy that sets you apart.

A blog strategy has less to do with holding yourself to a strict content creation schedule and more to do with making sure you have something worth blogging about. Remember, there are millions of blogs already on the internet, likely several hundred about your area of expertise. Think about what unique perspective you can showcase. What about your business is different from competitors? This can be a challenging question, but identifying your blog’s unique voice can help ensure your content has a theme that really adds value to the conversation already out there.

Consider your audience. Healthcare companies in particular often have several different audiences to communicate with, from patients to clinicians to board members. A blog may not be the appropriate avenue for all three audiences. If your blog will live on your website, consider who is visiting your site and why. Taking a close look at your analytics will help you determine where people are clicking and when they are navigating away from your site. This insight can help you come up with content that supplements things people are already interested in on your site.

Maintain a regular schedule. Blogging is a time commitment. Before you start blogging, determine who on your team will be responsible for writing content. A blog is much easier to maintain when there are multiple parties committed to providing content. Set a schedule that is realistic and attainable while going no more than a month without adding something new.

Identify different types of content that adds variety to your posts. Blogs don’t have to strictly be in narrative format. Think of how your website’s blog can also showcase other media formats, such as infographics and videos. You might also consider posting company news and announcements on your blog to add value, depending on your audience and the nature of the news.


If you’re interested in starting a blog for your business, put together a strategy and tactical plan that is easy to execute. Talk with your communications team to ensure a solid plan is in place before you publish your first post.


Kristy Lucero is a Senior Account Executive for Lovell Communications. Connect with Kristy at: Kristy@lovell.com

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