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Posted on 01.17.2017

Attention Healthcare PR Pros: Feeling Stressed?

Public relations executive ranks among the top 10 most stressful jobs according to Forbes magazine – right up there with military service and first responders. Here’s the full list – drum roll, please.

1. Enlisted military personnel

2. Firefighter

3. Airline pilot

4. Police officer

5. Event coordinator

6. Public relations executive

7. Corporate executive

8. Broadcaster

9. Newspaper reporter

10. Taxi driver

I particularly appreciated Forbes’ choice of imagery for its PR executive – that’s right – she’s in healthcare! I can attest: Forbes correctly placed our profession on its top 10 list.

As healthcare communicators, we are a band of sisters and brothers who have been known to:

  • Sleep with our phones at bedside, awaiting the next crisis 
  • Wince when regulatory or legal calls
  • Step away from the school field trip to talk to a reporter

Healthcare PR executives do indeed experience real stress.  At Lovell, we understand this, and help them manage their stress levels by serving as extensions of their internal teams – providing additional bandwidth and bringing strategic expertise to the table. It’s what we do, and many of our experts have worked in the field for decades. 


Here are seven tips to help manage your stress:

Put down the tech.

Force yourself to physically separate from your phone, computer and TV while with family, friends, at meal time, etc.

Schedule down time.

Sleep and decompress.  Your work and productivity will visibly suffer if you don’t. And, regrettably, those around you will suffer, too.

Get moving.

Pack a workout bag (or just sneakers) and find 20-30 minutes to move most days of the week.  Nothing can beat stress like exercise.

Create a vision board.

List benefits of leading a balanced life, cut out pictures that inspire you, write quotes that remind you of your goals or your purpose, and post them on a cork board in your office. Snap a picture of it and make it your phone’s home screen for a constant visual cue.

Multitask (safely).

Check voicemail, read continuing education articles, reports and catch up on daily news while on the elliptical or stationary bike. 

Eat lunch with a friend or loved one.

You’ve got to eat, right?  Schedule a 30-minute power lunch regularly – rotate meeting a child at school, or catch up with a friend, old colleague or loved one to break up the day and recharge.

Network with peers.

Industry and professional organizations like the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development connect peers around the country. Take time to find the organization that’s right for you and join. Their resources and conferences can educate and recharge your batteries, and the professional friendships you’ll cultivate can last your entire career!


Lovell has supported thousands of healthcare marketing and PR executives, serving as an extension of their team.  To connect with us, meet our team or join our newsletter.  


Nicole Kleinpeter is a Vice President at Lovell Communications. Connect with Nicole at: Nicole@lovell.com

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