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Posted on 02.03.2011

A Smooth and Thoughtful Name Change

Challenge After plans for the sale and name change of a 100-year-old Catholic hospital were announced, Lovell set out to facilitate a smooth transition with both internal and external publics, communicating the strengths of the new owner and introducing a new logo - all in less than six weeks.   Strategy and Tactics Because the hospital was deeply rooted in the community, it was important for communications efforts to acknowledge the hospital's rich history and reinforce messages of consistency. Lovell developed a strategy for communicating with employees and physicians, and provided local media with background information and B-roll footage on the new owner, Community Health Systems (CHS.) Working with hospital leaders, Lovell created a logo and identity system that incorporated the hospital's cupola, a distinctive architectural element familiar to the community, and adapted it to signage throughout the campus. Results Thanks to open communication and consistent messages, the hospital experienced a smooth transition in ownership. The new logo was unveiled to positive reaction from community, employees and physicians, and local media coverage accurately reflected CHS's commitment to maintaining the tradition of quality healthcare with minimal changes. Lovell has since won several awards for its development of the logo and accompanying graphic standards. Client Response “Lovell worked closely with the hospital to understand the community's sensitivities and create a distinctive mark that has been well received by everyone. In addition to creativity, their staff brings an understanding of our strategic goals and a respect for the communities in which we operate, which is at the heart of everything CHS does.” Michael Portacci Senior Vice President Community Health Systems

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