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Posted on 05.19.2016

3 Important Considerations For Building Your Website

In today’s mobile and tech-centric society, a business can struggle to survive if it lacks a strong online presence. Building a new website can be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor, especially if you are unfamiliar with some basic tenants of web design and development.

If you have a strong partner to assist in the details of the development and design, you can focus on the main goal of your new website—showcasing content. As a marketing communications professional or key executive of the company, you have a better understanding of your business than any outside party. Using your knowledge of the company and its communications goals, you can best direct the development partner in mapping out your new site so that it accurately portrays the business, communicates key messages to appropriate audiences, and showcases information that helps visitors to your website easily understand who you are and what you do.

Here are three tips to consider when building a new website.      

  1. Start by outlining your content.  You can work with the best development team in the world to create a beautiful website, but at the end of the day, a site is useless if it doesn’t communicate the right messages about your brand. Do not expect your developer to understand all of the nuances of your company or entrust them with sole responsibility for creating the site map. Your marketing and public relations team is best positioned to take a look at all of the content and messaging you produce and develop an organizational scheme that makes sense. A lot of time can be saved on revisions if key executives and the communications team work together to agree on the site map before the development team jumps into creating the site.
  2. Do keyword research. No matter what industry you serve, chances are you are aware of one or two competitors in your space. When mapping out your new website, it might be tempting to look at competitor websites as models for what you should do. It’s a good idea to keep a pulse on industry trends, but take your research a step further. There are many free online tools, such as Google Keyword Planner or Screaming Frog SEO Spider, that help you research relevant keywords in your industry. Think about who will be visiting your website and what they will be searching for, and then use these keyword tools to educate yourself on how much competition there is for those words or terms. This will help you identify what words you should be incorporating into your site content.
  3. Think ahead. Building a website can be expensive and it requires ongoing investment to keep content fresh and up to date. If you are a startup, it might be tempting to cut some corners at the beginning of the development phase, but that could end up causing stress down the line. Think about adding a newsroom or blog function to your website during the development phase. Although you may not have many press releases or company announcements to share right now, you may later wish you had somewhere on your website to house important news. You can always add more functionality to your website later, but don’t forget to factor in a few weeks of development time, which could push back an announcement or make you miss the opportunity to maximize exposure of an important company development on your website.

Kristy Lucero is an Account Executive at Lovell Communications. Connect with Kristy at: Kristy@lovell.com 

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