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Posted on 07.14.2016

Who is your blog? 3 easy tips to give your blog an identity

When it comes to starting a blog, there are a few factors to consider first. What will you write about, and how often will you do so? Who are you trying to attract to your blog? What do you want your audience to learn, and most importantly, how do you want them to perceive you (the author) and your blog? To help you figure it out, here are three tips to launching your blog identity.                

1) Consider your brand.
If you are a solo blogger, your brand is all about you: your personality, your writing style and the tone. Will you write in the AP style of journalists, or relax your writing rules? Will the tone be humorous or straightforward? These are important questions to consider as an organization, as well. What does your    

company or business represent? What are the values it professes? What is its mission, and how will your writing voice portray that mission?Additionally, when you think about brand, consider the visual aspect of your blog. This includes the color scheme, design, formatting, and any logos or pictures you want to incorporate. Make sure all of these aspects reflect the identity of you or your organization.


2) Be consistent.
If you are setting out to be a serious blogger, create a schedule and strategy for posting to ensure that your blog doesn’t fall on the wayside. Make it a priority to gain a following. Most bloggers have a goal to produce one new blog per week, but feel free to post even more frequently. The more activity on your blog, the better chance Google and other search engines will know your site is active and visited often.

Be consistent with your content, as well. This doesn’t mean you have to write about the same subject week after week. But make sure your topics relate to one another. If you write a tech blog, don’t throw in posts about your favorite dinner recipe. Make sure to stay within your area of expertise – or if you are an organization, within your industry – without becoming stale. Keep ideas, topics and posts fresh and engaging. This is important to give your blog an identity. Your audience should become familiar with the kind of content you post, without becoming bored of your writing and subject matter.


3) Keep readers coming back for more.
This step is easier than it sounds. Depending on what platform you are using for your blog posts, you can include sidebar buttons to allow your audience to subscribe and be alerted of new posts. Utilize social media to allow your readers to stay in touch with you, too! Link your blog to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can do this by including the link of your blog on any of the social media platforms (copy and paste it into your bio) and including social media buttons on the sidebar of your blog site, just like the subscribe button. This lets your audience easily click through to your social media pages and follow you so they can not only keep up with your blog, but your other ventures as well.


With these three pieces of advice, you’ll give your blog an identity that will develop a loyal audience. Keep in mind these steps can take time, so don’t be alarmed if you only have a few readers in the beginning. Once you establish an identity, focus your efforts on writing engaging posts for your readers.


Bailey Wimmer is an Assistant Account Executive at Lovell Communications. Connect with Bailey at Bailey@lovell.com

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