COVID-19 Updates and Resources

We have developed many resources for our clients related to the pandemic. We've shared some resources below for staying on top of communications as the situation continues to change. 


  • How to Ace Remote Presentations and Media InterviewsGiving a presentation, conducting a media interview, or just participating in an internal meeting is a dramatically different experience via video than in person. Company leaders, in particular, face a new and different challenge — not only must you inform, engage and support your workforce during a historically stressful time for your employees and your business, you’ve got to do it through a screen. Here are a few tips to help health care leaders ace their next video engagement. 

  • COVID-19: Shining a Bright Light on Nursing Homes: With the New York Times reporting that one-third of all coronavirus deaths involve nursing home residents or workers, it’s no surprise our nation’s skilled nursing facilities and senior care centers are receiving a big dose of attention these days.

  • COVID-19 Reading and Resources: Re-Opening Health Care Services: CMS issued recommendations for the re-opening of health care services; physicians are concerned about declining health conditions while many Americans delay medical care; hospitals communicate safety precautions to boost patient returns.

  • COVID-19 Reading and Resources: April 14, 2020: CARES Act funding is flowing to both the relief and frustration of health care providers; rural hospitals and ACOs face new, perhaps unbearable risk as a result of COVID-19; CMS provides new flexibilities; and strategies of hospitals and health systems as they battle PPE shortages.

  • Leadership Communications and COVID-19: In times of crisis, hospital staff and healthcare teams look to leadership for guidance and direction. Communicating with your teams regularly is more important now than ever, but it can be hard to find time among myriad other demands. These six tips will help you develop effective, compassionate communications for your health care teams, even when time is tight.

  • COVID-19 Updates and Resources: A lot of noise exists around the coronavirus right now. How can your organization keep the trust of stakeholders and ensure information is accurate? We've highlighted the top resources for staying informed of latest coronavirus developments.



Our firm is providing support to health care providers, payers and suppliers across the country as we navigate this global crisis together. Our employees in Tennessee, Kentucky and California are all now working remotely, but can be reached at our usual phone numbers and by email.

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