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Posted on 12.29.2016

When Stories Get Stale: How to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing

Is your content marketing feeling a little old? Spice things up for the new year with a few of these tips.

  • First, take the time to re-examine your goals and objectives to confirm that your content is designed to support your organization’s business goals. This will ensure you are investing time and resources in the correct areas to create targeted, effective content. content marketing
  • Remove any outdated or irrelevant pieces. If content is about a topic that is no longer relevant to your industry, organizational goals or audience, remove it from any online platforms. If some of your old content is still relevant, try reframing the information by adding new statistics, context or updated visuals.
  • Use analytics to identify content with the most engagement. Once you know what blog posts, videos or infographics are performing best, try repurposing the information to extend its life. Also use this information to guide future content creation.
  • Don’t forget humor. Many B2B organizations maintain a serious and formal brand personality, but may still benefit from an occasional touch of humor on platforms such as a blog or social media. You can easily do this by including a reference to a current event or trending topic in your content, or include fun, personal videos or photos of your own team.
  • Reinvigorate your website. Update and address elements such as outdated design, complicated user experience or inconsistent branding across all online channels.
  • Test new promotional channels or content formats. Develop a webinar or target a new audience segment with a column in a relevant trade publication. Take risks and experiment with new strategies, but choose your projects intentionally in order to make the most of your efforts. Be sure to track your results to measure your success! 


Bailey Wimmer is an Assistant Account Executive at Lovell. Connect with Bailey at: Bailey@lovell.com

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