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Posted on 02.03.2011

Webinar Showcases Thought Leadership and Promotes Brand

Challenge The healthcare and medical billings marketplace was experiencing increased compliance requirements and enforcement, especially related to the privacy and security of patient data (HIPAA/HITECH) and incorporating new rules related to payment collection and credit/debit cards (EHNAC, PCI). InstaMed, the industry’s leading healthcare payments network, sought to build their profile and promote their brand with large healthcare systems and Fortune 100 banking organizations. Strategy and Tactics Lovell worked with InstaMed to position the company as the payment industry’s healthcare compliance expert, demonstrating extensive knowledge of the new regulatory requirements and enforcement trends while simultaneously showcasing InstaMed’s ability to connect their  customers with other industry-leading resources. Lovell partnered with InstaMed on content development for a jointly produced webinar on New Trends in Compliance, Audit & Enforcement for the Healthcare Payments Industry: HIPAA, HITECH, EHNAC and PCI. The webinar, available live and on-demand, was targeted to privacy and compliance decision-makers at hospitals, health systems, medical billing organizations and medical practice managers. The session updated participants on new regulations and trends, focusing on real-world case studies demonstrating common security problems as well as enforcement trends at the state and national level. Results The webinar secured more than 50 registrants, all of which were highly qualified leads. Forty percent attended the live webinar (about the national average) with additional registrants participating on-demand. Most impressive, the webinar garnered 100 percent retention until the end of the session with no attrition among attendees over the course of webinar. Client Response “Lovell helped us promote the event to attract the right people, assemble and present first rate content and maintain 100% attendee retention for the entirety of the session. We were thrilled with the results and feel confident that this session is helping InstaMed maintain and underscore our compliance leadership to a marketplace that is consistently hard to impress.” Bill Marvin President InstaMed

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