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Posted on 11.30.2010

Want To Be Memorable?

Say It Quick and Be Concise A wise person once said you should be able to describe your business or “what you do” in 30 seconds or less (aka “an elevator speech”). Aside from not boring people with tedious trade jargon, another reason to keep it simple is to help you make a sale. Clear and concise descriptions are just easier to understand and offer a better chance at having someone remember you when they need your product or service in the future. Developing an elevator speech to market your business takes a little work, but it’s critical. I know.  As an account executive for a marketing firm, it can be challenging to remember both the Lovell Communications value proposition (elevator speech) as well as that of the 10 or more clients I work on.  But it makes all the difference in establishing and supporting your brand. Here are a few things to consider when developing your elevator pitch:
  • Be empathic – know how to make your pitch be relevant to your listener.  An elevator speech is about making sure the receiver understands the company … not the deliverer.
  • Be short and concise – strive for that 30 second mark.
  • Be prepared - anyone who can explain their company meaningfully in two minutes or less …has practiced.  They’ve thought it through, written it down, committed it to memory and then rehearsed and delivered it enough to make it feel unique and personal to every new listener.
  • Be memorable-if your main message is that your company is low cost and high efficiency, your message is likely to get lost in a sea of similars.  Know what sets you apart from the pack and see if you can work it into your statement.
  • Be passionate – if an elevator speech is written or delivered with flaccid style, that’s how it will be received.
If you don’t have your own elevator speech, I challenge you to make that a priority.  The next time someone asks what you do or what you sell, they will be more engaged while listening to your well thought out answer. Here are some interesting links to check out: Preparing Your Elevator Speech Win Over Investors in 3 Minutes or Less The Perfect Elevator Speech

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