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Posted on 02.21.2012

Use Google+ to boost SEO

Though not everyone has quite jumped on the Google+ bandwagon yet, reports are showing that the service is experiencing significant growth, with its traffic increasing by more than 55 percent in December 2011.  Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to become more familiar with the functions of Google+ and its potential benefit to businesses.  Back in November, we blogged about the rollout of Google+ for businesses and brands. Now, we are learning that these Google+ pages have been integrated into Google searches results and can help boost a company’s SEO. Below are some tips for optimizing your Google+ page for search engine results: #1: Set up a page! It’s quite simple and should be on your business’s check list of social   media to-dos.  Our blog provides step-by-step instructions to get your Google+ page up and running. #2:  Get in Circles: The more followers a page has (the more circles you are in), the better it will perform in search results.  The best way to increase followers on Google+ is to provide a link to your Google+ page anywhere you can.  This can include your existing social media platforms, your company website, e-newsletters and email signature.  Another great way to get your page known on Google+ is by adding people to your circle and hope they add you to theirs. #3: Add Keywords: Just like you would optimize your website with keywords, it is important to do this with your Google+ page.  The best places to incorporate your keywords are in the introduction and tagline sections of the page.  Make sure when you are incorporating your keywords, they come across as organically placed. This is Google, after all, and they will pick up on pages that overdo it with the keywords. #4:  Google+ Badge Your Website: Adding a Google+ badge to your company website will connect your Google+ page directly to your website.  This is a great way to up your followers on Google+ and potentially rule search results for your keywords.  A company that is doing a great job of this is Toyota. By connecting their Google+ page to their website, their Google+ activity is shown directly below their traditional search results.  This will effectively push down anyone else who was showing up in results below Toyota. #5: Rack up the +1s: More effective than its Facebook counterpart the “Like,” the +1 shows up in search results.  The more +1s your site has, the more credible it looks to Google and people potentially clicking through.  Companies can add a +1 button to their website or articles they have written by clicking here. Have you set up a Google+ page for your business?  Will you take advantage of these tips to help boost your company’s SEO? Photo by: jscreationzs

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