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Posted on 02.15.2012

Twitter Taps Into Teens

It’s ironic, but the majority of teens, who are typically the first adopters of the latest technology, never fully bought into the Twitter craze. But, times are changing. For the past few years, stories have appeared in publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post speculating on why most teens are so unimpressed with the power of the tweet. Their general disregard for the social media tool stems from the fact that they don’t like the restrictions inherent in being able to type only 140 characters and the fact that their message has to be so condensed.  Also, they would rather text than tweet; they are more interested in communicating with their “friends” than the whole world; and, to them, Facebook seems more secure than Twitter. So, why the change of heart? Well, it seems the perceived privacy issue that once made teens shun Twitter is not what they thought; they can in fact be more private. They can set up more than one account, they don’t have to use their real identity and the accounts can be locked and private. Teens are slowly adopting Twitter because their Facebook circles are too large and Twitter allows them to communicate with a smaller group of friends. The number of teen Twitter users has doubled in the two years according to a Pew Internet and American Life Project study. The total number is still small when compared to Facebook but it is definitely a trend worth noting. Teens are such an influential group when it comes to technology and social media. So, much so that Google + just announced they are going to add teens to their audience. Will teens slowly abandon Facebook and become the largest group of tweeters in the country? Only time will tell.  

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