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Posted on 10.24.2013

Three Reasons to Join the Mobile Marketing Mayhem

We love our phones and depend on them to talk, shop, navigate, connect, photograph and research. Most of us would be lost without our beloved technology sidekick.

It's not shocking that findings from a recent survey reported 68 percent of people sleep by their phone and 66 percent would choose taking their phone to work over their lunch. Our phones are with us all day, every day which is why they are such effective marketing tools for businesses.

Have you considered a mobile marketing campaign? Is your company web site built appropriately for mobile use? If you answered no, here are three reasons why you should sharpen your mobile marketing skills.

  1. Mobile Web Use May Surpass Desktops by 2015 
    According to Morgan Stanley analysts, there will be a dramatic shift towards mobile web use in the next few years. So much so that Google just launched a new algorithm called Hummingbird that, according to Forbes Magazine, will help Google better perform as it provides users with mobile web search results. What does that mean for companies? You must have a mobile friendly site that includes a strategy for providing users with easy to view content. As Forbes mentions, think large fonts, eye-catching images, responsive design, videos and concise, actionable content. Reaching your customers via their phone is going to increase in popularity, so get on board.

  2. Mobile Marketing Budgets Have Increased by 142% since 2011
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau conducted a mobile marketing study in 2011 and bench marked it against a similar study conducted this year and found that companies surveyed had significantly increased their mobile marketing spend over the last two years. In fact, the trend looks to continue as one in five marketing executives surveyed said they expect to increase their budget by another 50 percent by 2015. Companies understand the importance of mobile marketing and are making the investment.

  3. 80 Percent of Smartphone Users Want Consumer Driven Text Messages ​
    CMO.com reports that mobile messaging company mBlox conducted a study among smartphone users and found the majority surveyed were incredibly receptive to receiving text messages that pertained to coupons or deals...as long as they have opted in to receiving the messages. So, are the days of searching the newspaper for the weekly coupons nearing extinction? Stacy Adams, vice president of marketing for mBlox said, "We see SMS and push as a missed opportunity for marketers. So when you look at that, combined with the fact that 4 billion people in the world have mobile phones and thus have access to SMS and text messages, that means SMS has more users than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined." Again, we basically sleep with our phones so notifying your customers of important information via texts is an effective approach.

So, put your phone down and give mobile marketing some thought.  


Robin Embry is a Vice President at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Robin’s blogs here. Connect with Robin at robin@lovell.com

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