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Posted on 03.19.2010

That's how I [blog] roll!

Thats -how-I-blog-roll

Have you ever wondered about that list of links you see on the side of some of your favorite blogs?  You’ve clicked on them and been taken to another web site and probably wondered, "Why is this blogger directing me elsewhere? Did I do something wrong? Don't they want me anymore?" Don't worry. What you've just clicked on is technically known as a "blogroll," a list of other sites recommended by the host blogger; but for those of you looking to drive traffic to your own blog, it will soon be known as your best friend.  I’m going to let you in on a simple traffic boosting tactic that’s guaranteed to make you the envy of your blogger buddies: the Blogroll Exchange.  Simply put, the concept is an exchange of links between two bloggers. The unspoken rule of "blogging etiquette" is that if you add someone’s blog to your blogroll, they should reciprocate the goodwill. In my experience, this is not always the case.  And why should it be?  If I write a blog about politics and a fashion blogger adds me to their blogroll, I’m not likely going to counter the gesture.  Luckily I’ve provided below a few simple steps to a strategic and proactive Blogroll Exchange that is sure to provide bountiful exposure and publicity for your blog: 1)      RESEARCH:  Use blog search engines like Technorati or Google Blog Search to help find likeminded blogs to your own and pull their contact info (typically found in an ‘About Me’ or ‘Contact Us’ section).  Once you have a healthy list, expand your search to include different verticals that could apply to your blog topic (i.e. if your blog covers healthcare, start searching for verticals within your subject area, like blogs about hospitals or health insurance.)  Further your research by exploring the existing blogrolls of the new blogs you have found. 2)      OUTREACH:  Reach out to the bloggers you have found with a tailored email asking them to partake in a ‘mutually beneficial’ blogroll exchange.  Let them know that you feel strongly about their content and that by linking to each other’s blogs you are not only helping each other’s blogs gain exposure, you are also helping to spread that very important likeminded message you share. 3)      REPEAT:  New blogs are popping up every day.  Make sure to keep up with your research and continue to reach out to appropriate bloggers to link to back to your site. Follow these simple steps and links to your site will be popping up all over the blogosphere.  Not only will you be driving traffic to your blog, your traffic will be tailored to the specific audience you were looking for.  So go get started and let people know who you ‘roll’ with.

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