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Posted on 05.18.2010

Surveys: An Effective Way to Gauge What An Audience Thinks

surveys-an-effective-way-to-gauge-what-your-audience-thinksBefore launching into a marketing or PR campaign it’s a good idea to “get your arms around” audience opinions and perceptions, and surveys can help you do this.

For instance, you may want to determine if customers like your product and are they pleased with your delivery method and customer service. Or, maybe it’s time for an internal employee campaign to help boost productivity. In this case, before you move forward with the campaign you might want to know if your employees have the appropriate tools to effectively do their job. The goal of any survey is to capture valuable information, so putting careful thought into the survey questions is imperative. If a client asks us to develop a survey, we spend the majority of our time conducting research through focus groups and phone and onsite interviews to ensure we develop valuable questions that will produce meaningful results. Online surveys are fast becoming the method of choice. They are easy to set up and easy to send…as long as you have an accurate email distribution list. We recently conducted an employee communications survey (which I must brag had a 95% response rate…compared to the average internal survey rates that range from 30-40%) and I spent several days researching numerous companies. Here’s what I found. If you need a fairly basic survey and you don’t need to cross tab your results, then I suggest www.surveymonkey.com. For the employee communications survey we just implemented, we needed a more sophisticated reporting system that could cross tabulate the roughly 50 questions and decided to use www.keysurvey.com. Based on the employee feedback, we will be able to provide the client with recommendations that will influence communication efforts in the long-term future. Surveys are an effective way to determine what your customers are thinking, but choosing good questions and a reliable survey tool will help ensure it is successful.

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