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Posted on 01.05.2010

Something Old, Something New but to Your Brand You Must be True

Something-Old-Something-New-but-to-Your-Brand-You-Must-be-TrueSocial media, and its closely related cousin mobile marketing, are the new frontier for marketing and advertising and, for many, have secured a significant presence in strategic communications plans for 2010. While it is wise to develop strategies and tactics utilizing a full spectrum of effective tools, the use of these new technologies should be more evolution than revolution.

Savvy C-Suite executives and marketing strategists know that putting all of your eggs in one proverbial basket is a risky strategy, at best, and rarely maximizes your potential return – even if the basket is as tempting as Facebook, Twitter and Smartphone applications. These are all valuable tools, but they do not individually constitute a well rounded strategy. The goals of new media technologies are to expand your reach, to develop and deepen relationships with your customers and stakeholders, and to help you stay relevant and top-of-mind with a targeted audience. But it is important to realize that while the audience of social media users is rapidly expanding, it has not yet reached 100 per cent. Current Facebook statistics show nearly 1/3 of Americans are using this platform but most social media aficionados are still fairly casual users; only a distinct minority have achieved the status of power user. As it turns out, ‘old’ media may still have a very relevant role to play in your 2010 marketing strategy. Traditional media still has greater reach and offers the opportunity to develop content that can be further leveraged electronically. Television, radio, outdoor and other traditional channels also offer tools to promote your social media and mobile marketing initiatives and pull more prospects into your electronic universe of ‘followers.’ As the options to connect with customers proliferate, it is more important than ever to find ways to integrate old and new tools and to cross-pollinate tactics. Here are some of the ways you can double-check your perspective as planning season commences: Have you appropriately incorporated both ‘one-way’ communications (traditional media) and ‘two way’ communications (social media) into your strategic thinking? Have you considered the reach into your targeted audience for each channel? Have you built tactics into your strategy that leverage the strengths of both social and traditional media so that the integration of these strategies achieves maximum impact? And as a final double-check: Does the integrated tactical approach you are considering ultimately support and achieve your larger strategic goals.

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