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Posted on 08.25.2015

Social Media: Size Does Matter

While I don’t think we’ve discovered the golden ratio for social media character and word counts just yet, we’ve come pretty darn close. We all know, and sometimes bemoan the fact, Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters. But what is the optimal length for platforms with unlimited character or word counts? I think you’ll be surprised to know that, for Facebook its 40 characters. Even less than Twitter!

Social sharing app Buffer and data analytics company SumAll worked together to create a handy dandy infographic that outlines the ideal length of everything online, including Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, hashtags, blog posts and email subject lines.

Take a look and remember, size does matter. (Double click to enlarge)

Social Media infographic


Amanda Anderson is a senior account supervisor at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Amanda’s blogs here. Connect with Amanda at amanda@lovell.com or @AmanderTN.

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