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Posted on 01.13.2011

Sip On This, Coffee Lovers: Starbucks Unveils New Logo

It was just a few months ago that Gap made an attempt to change its logo. The reaction was unfavorable, to say the least. So, why has the world’s leading coffee maker decided to change its iconic mark? There are several reasons. First, Starbucks plans to triple its Asian locations, and studies show that rounded logos are more accepted in interdependent and collectivist cultures. Second, they are quickly approaching their 40th anniversary and those milestones often come with change. Lastly, in order to stay profitable the company must diversify and add more product lines beyond just coffee…did I hear Girl Scout cookies? Can you imagine the delight of sipping a cup of joe while munching on a Thin Mint? Consumers like me may be excited about the new products, but what about a new logo? In 1992 Starbucks adopted the mark we all know, and now we can recognize the green circle a mile away. Starbucks is even going beyond a modified design and will drop its name from the logo. It worked for Nike, but can it work for a coffee shop chain? The CEO does a compelling job of explaining the company’s rationale using corporate video storytelling (one of the social media predictions for 2011) to help us coffee drinkers/addicts/loyal followers understand the reasons for the change. Is this the right decision for Starbucks? Will this affect their brand? Let me know what you think?

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