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Posted on 02.11.2011

Regions Strive for Five

Challenge Regions Bank wanted an internal communications program that would engage its employees, sharpen their customer service skills and provide them with the information and tools to sell new packages offered by bank. Strategy and Tactics Borrowing from the popular game show Deal or No Deal , Lovell developed a program called Package or No Package, which encouraged and incentivized employees to ask if customers would be interested in a product package. One of the components of the program was Strive for Five, which was a reminder to employees to sell four items within a package and deliver great customer service. Branches had weekly games to test employees’ knowledge. Employees who demonstrated an understanding about the different packages and a deeper appreciation for customer service earned prizes. The program was launched at more than 300 branches. Results The program’s goals were to teach branch employees about the newly introduced bank packages and improve customer service scores. Ninety-nine percent of the branch managers surveyed felt the game cards helped their employees learn the five packages, and 88 percent of individuals reported their branch’s customer service scores improved definitely or somewhat over the course of the campaign. Client Response The feedback indicates the program was successful on all fronts. Employees improved their customer service and cross-selling skills. Branch managers felt equipped to lead their employee teams throughout the initiative, and many managers and employees enjoyed the process. Some of the comments received include:
  • Strive for Five has helped tremendously, employees are now paying more attention to what the customer has and growing each customer’s  profile
  • Great to have activities like this especially with incentives for those who participate and do well. The best workshop I've had in the branch so far
  • I feel that "package or no package" stays in our mind more now than before...We automatically think of it!!

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