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Posted on 03.24.2011

QR Codes on the Rise

If you haven’t heard of a Quick Response (QR) code, I’m sure you’ve seen one.  They are the little barcode-like images popping up on everything from advertisements and business cards to t-shirts and even napkins.  Encoded in the QR code is text, URL or other data that be scanned and accessed through a Smartphone. Commonly used in Japan since 2004, QR codes have recently taken the US marketing industry by storm. By simply including a QR code that links to your company’s website or social networks in all of your collateral materials, consumers can connect with your company instantaneously through a simple scan. How do you create one? There are a lot of QR code generating websites out there.  I used Kaywa to create the one above and it only took a few seconds (check it out!).  You can then save the QR code and use it wherever you like. How do you access the code? Just download a QR reader app to your Smartphone.  Some of the more popular QR code reader apps are i-nigma and QR Droid.  From there it’s simple – open the app, scan the code and be connected! Do you scan QR codes when you see them?

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