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Posted on 12.09.2010

Make Data the Foundation of Your Next Email Marketing Plan

The concept of collecting data isn’t new. Using it is. Marketers inherently know that data should fuel marketing plans and overall business decisions.  Thus, collecting data from customers has never been a problem, but, achieving visibility and usability with that data has not always been possible. Today, interactive companies like, Emma, Mail Chimp and Blue Sky make it easy to collect data and analyze your campaign results. But you shouldn’t stop there.  Implementing the following tactics will help you easily utilize the customer/subscriber information you’ve compiled. Assess your data Making a change to the way you currently use data starts with an assessment. What data do you have access to? Where is it coming from? Understand what tools you have to work with before you take action. Implement a program Decide how you’re going to use your data. What do you want to accomplish? How often will you revisit your data? Taking action starts with specific goals. Measure often After you’ve begun using your data, don’t forget to measure your program’s effectiveness. Measure often, adjust often, and test, test, test. What’s “moving the needle?” What’s impacting your bottom line? If you’ve sent a communication to subscribers that doesn’t seem to be impacting your business, discontinue it and try something new. Investigate Use your data to work backwards. Track how many of your customers are clicking through to content, browsing online, making purchases, etc. By understanding what information is driving your click-through rates, you can find out what it is your subscribers are clicking through to. From that point, drive conversions using that content. The most sophisticated messages in the world won’t resonate with your customers if you don’t understand their preferences and behaviors. When your interactive marketing campaign is built on data – instead of using it as a simple afterthought – programs are more effective, more targeted, and more successful. How are you using data to improve your interactive marketing campaigns?

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