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Posted on 06.07.2012

LinkedIn Breach Further Proves Importance of Smart Passwords

I was sitting at my computer changing my LinkedIn password because of the data breach that affected more than 6.5 million LinkedIn users this week, and started to wonder if there was a better way to create a more secure password. I found an article from Forbes Magazine that contains valuable information.

In 2010, a security company conducted some research after the social gaming site RockYou was hacked, and found that more than half a million people chose passwords containing consecutive numbers like 123456. It is a no-brainer that people should choose more clever passwords, but to prove the importance, in this particular case if a hacker logged into all RockYou accounts with the password 123456, he would gain access to an account every hundred or so attempts...in the hacker world, dozens of attempts can be attempted every second.

If you don't have a LinkedIn account and think "this does not apply to me" you may not be aware that just last month Facebook announced that hackers are breaking into hundreds of thousands of accounts every day. To decrease your risk there are a few password management applications you can use to help ensure you create the most secure password possible. A few popular ones are LastPass and KeePass.

Data breaches are becoming more common, and this issue has been a hot topic for our blog posts for quite some time. Here are some interesting data breach articles that we have posted in the past. Is Data Breach Management the Latest Crisis Communications Trend? Data Breach Prevalence Raises Concerns If you are a data breach victim, here is an article that provides helpful protocols to follow. Definitely better to be safe than sorry when your identity is at stake.

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