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Posted on 02.11.2010

Lead by Example (and examples of leaders)

Lead-by-ExampleOur firm is fortunate to work with a number of really remarkable business leaders – successful men and women of intelligence, vision, intuition and guts.  We’re honored to work with them, and humbled by how much we learn from them.

Opportunities to learn and grow from examples of leadership (good and bad) abound in the headlines of any given day: Toyota’s recent recall problems … Waste Management’s decision to put their CEO (and their brand) on a reality TV show … the New Orleans Saints risky decision to do an onside kick at the open of the second half of Super Bowl XLIV … Sarah Palin’s key-note address to a new political movement. Each of these issues is, or will be, a study in leadership.  How the organizations are led through change/opportunity/risk/challenge will determine how these organizations succeed … or not. Among the many leaders our firm has been fortunate to know over the years is our dear friend, Chuck Lauer.  Chuck was publisher of Modern Healthcare for more than 25 years and continues to be a highly regarded leader in healthcare.  His recent editorial in Becker’s Hospital Review is an excellent insight into the qualities, characteristics and requirements of true leadership. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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