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Posted on 02.25.2011

Invasion of Facebook Privacy: How Far is Too Far?

Social media continues to gray the lines of privacy, and we have to take responsibility for most of it. Ten years ago we had access to personal information about only the people closest to us, but now Facebook postings draw back the curtain on everything from where you are headed for the weekend to a play-by-play of a bad night out.  And if you have decided to ignore certain privacy settings, just about anyone can "listen in." What we decide to post on our Facebook pages is our own decision.  But how would you feel if, in order to land your dream job, you had to hand over your Facebook login and password information to a prospective employer? Does this sound like a huge invasion of privacy?  I think so. Just last week a news article ran about a man in Maryland who was forced to give his Facebook password during a job interview with the Department of Corrections. What’s next? Do we provide employers access to our snail mail or our emails logs from the past year? This issue has caused a fire storm of debate among bloggers and reporters, and understandably so. There are many job positions that require extensive background checks, and tapping into someone’s Facebook account can provide some quick insight into someone’s personality, traits, character, habits, etc. But I strongly believe there is a divide between our personal and professional life and for employers to demand access into the personal and private sections of our Facebook accounts sounds pretty intrusive to me.  Of course my opinion is just that…only an opinion, and who knows what this will mean for all of us Facebook users in the future. I guess all we can do is be responsible, and maybe a little cautious, with our postings...and think before we type. Do you think this is an invasion of privacy or a good way to enhance the traditional background check?

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