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Posted on 04.15.2010

How to Successfully Pitch Bloggers


As a very active mommy-blogger with a somewhat large audience, I receive pitches from PR practitioners every single day. As a PR practitioner myself, I find myself often evaluating these pitches with that hat on. I am shocked by how many bad pitches are sent! Many times the PR person has a great product, but most bloggers probably don't even read the pitch because it doesn't appear to be relevant to them. If you or your company has a product that would be of interest to bloggers, when you send them a pitch, DO NOT:
  • Use the same form pitch letter: It is important that your pitch letter be relevant to the blogger and their blog's content. That doesn't mean you have to craft a new pitch every time, but at least tweak the intro copy. For instance, I have received many pitches for princess books and toys. I have a 2-year-old boy. If the PR person had spent two minutes on my blog, she would have seen this and know to not send me that pitch.
  • Use an image only press release: It will not show up in many people's emails, is not customized (see above) and is tacky.
  • Have no call to action: Oftentimes I will receive a press release for a product that is interesting to me, but the press release is not accompanied by a letter or a request for product review. Always ask yourself, why would the blogger be interested in this product - and answer that question in the email you send.
  • Ask the blogger to go to your website for more details: Many bloggers receive dozens of pitches a week and they don't have time to fish for information about every product that is introduced to them. Do your best to put all compelling information in your initial pitch.
By following this advice, you will surely have more success pitching within the blogosphere.

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