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Posted on 08.05.2010

How to Drive Traffic to Your Company Blog

A recent HubSpot study of 1,531 small and medium sized businesses reports that companies with a blog have 55% more website visitors than their counterparts. Of note, company blogs also drive factors that influence search engine optimization (SEO). For example, of the surveyed businesses, those that blog generate 97% more inbound links from related websites and 434% more indexed pages than businesses that choose not to blog. With statistics like these, the question is, ‘To blog or not to blog?’ But your answer may depend on the tactics you are ready to employ. Perhaps the operative question is, ‘How do you drive traffic and keep readers coming back once you have created a blog?’  There is no single answer but here are few tactics emerging as best practices: Blog often and provide great content. This is the key to building an audience. It’s also great for SEO. Content is indexed with each posting and, thus, information about your company moves up in search engine prioritization. Use numerical or ‘How To’ headlines. These cues tell readers that a posting will be a quick and informative read. Link to your blog in your email signature. Every email you send will increase the opportunities for visits to your blog. Link to the blog in your eNewsletter. Refer to past blog postings when the newsletter includes related content. Send personal emails about postings you think will be of interest to particular people. Your contacts are more likely to read the posting when you personally reach out and highlight the relevance of a particular posting. Invite well-known personalities to guest blog. Offset your workload by bringing in a ringer. While you are at it, ask the guest blogger to link to their posting on their own blog and social media platforms. This will increase the credibility of your blog and bring your content to the attention of new readers. Partake in a blogroll exchange. Reach out to likeminded bloggers and suggest that they include your link in their blogroll. According to blog etiquette and best practices you should also return the favor. Respond to all comments. It is important to let readers know that you appreciate their feedback. Be a little bit controversial. You set your blog apart from the crowd when you express a different point of view on a hot industry topic and also demonstrate that you have unique expertise. As an added bonus, personality tends to attract more readers and more frequent visits to your site. Leave comments on other industry blogs. Offer intelligent feedback and kudos in the comments section of likeminded blogs and be sure to include a link to your own. Incorporate a survey or poll. Readers will want to come back to see the results. Link to blog posts on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This will make posts easily accessible to your followers, colleagues and friends, as well as continuously keep your company top-of-mind. What are your tips for driving traffic to a company blog?

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