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Posted on 02.17.2011

Facebook Rolls Out Page Redesign

Last December Facebook statuses were ablaze with questions and reactions to the new Facebook profile redesign (i.e. “WHERE DID MY TABS GO? #facebookstrikesagain”). Fast forward to this week and you may have noticed that your favorite Facebook page shares an uncanny resemblance to your recently modernized Facebook profile. On February 10th Facebook rolled out a page redesign that they say will better communicate, provide more opportunities for expression and improve relevancy. Below are a few updates to be aware of:
  • Admins are notified when fans interact with the page
  • Photos are showcased in a strip along the top of the page
  • Pages have a news feed
  • Admins are able to “like” and post on other pages through a “Login as Page” feature
If you haven’t noticed it already, you will on March 1st when all pages are automatically transitioned to the new design. Admins can currently take a virtual tour to preview the new design and have the option of upgrading immediately. Will you take advantage of everything that the page redesign has to offer? What do you like or dislike about the changes?

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