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Posted on 09.22.2010

Facebook Ads Prove Successful

There’s great value in a building a Facebook fan page for your business. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to:
  • connect with consumers,
  • distribute timely messaging,
  • solicit feedback from interested parties,
  • enhance SEO, and
  • increase general brand knowledge.
If you’re frustrated that your fan page has not generated the following you were hoping for and your only supporters are company employees or family members, consider creating a Facebook ad. They’re a great way to introduce your page and build a large fan base quickly. So far, we’ve seen the ads we’ve created generate up to 48.4 percent of a fan page’s support. Facebook allows you to target your ad by the geographic area (country, state, city), demographics, likes and interests and by connections to other pages or groups. And, if you’re simply trying to initiate interest and reach as many people as possible within your set parameters, it’s better to have a general audience rather than a more segmented one. There’s no set cost for advertising on Facebook. However, since it is a market-driven delivery system, you are paying the price that the market has set. Costs of advertising can be determined by the following steps:
  • Identify the target audience (age, geographic area, gender, etc.)
  • Determine if you should pay per click (CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Selecting the maximum bid for the ad based on the suggested bid range provided. This is the approximate range of what other advertisers are paying for the same target demographic.
  • Set the campaign's daily budget based on the maximum bid and the number of clicks or impressions you would like to pay for per day.
The budget that you set is the daily budget. The ads will automatically stop appearing once the budget has been met for the day, and you will never accrue charges in excess of the daily budget. Facebook ad reports also provide metrics (impressions, number of clicks, number of “likes”, daily amount spent, demographics, etc.) that help determine the return on investment. Have you ever used a Facebook ad to promote a page? Check out a few of our favorite clients’ Facebook pages: Matt McGee, D.D.S, P.C. Soles4Souls, Inc. TeamHealth Trinity on 280 Lovell Communications Inc.

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