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Posted on 06.01.2011

Facebook Adds New Photo Tagging Feature

Have you ever seen a photo posted on Facebook by a friend and wondered where your friend got that dress she was wearing? Or maybe your friends were shown eating out, and the food looked delicious but you didn't know the restaurant? Wouldn't it be great if the clothes your friends were wearing or the restaurant where they were eating could be tagged in the photo so you could find them? Well, now that is a possibility! In a genius move to help brands bring more awareness to their products and services online, Facebook has allowed users to tag brands in Facebook pictures. That tag can then lead back to the product or service's Facebook page. Here is a scenario where a brand could benefit from this feature. Let's say I'm really enjoying a new Yoga studio and want to tell my friends about it so they can join me. I can take a photo of myself at the studio and then tag the Yoga studio's Facebook page in my photo. Then my friends can click over to the studio's page below the picture to find out more. So what should you do as a brand to take advantage of this new tagging feature? The first step, of course,  is to ensure you have a Facebook page set-up. You can then ask your customers to take photos of themselves using your products or service. Perhaps run a contest and award a prize to the best tagged photo. As each person tags your company page in their photos, your company can now potentially be shown to that customer's network of Facebook friends. Have you used the Facebook tagging feature for brands yet?

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