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Posted on 01.12.2012

Enhance Your Online Healthcare Marketing with Video - PART II

As I discussed in my previous post, in order to maximize online discovery of your healthcare marketing videos, take advantage of social media platforms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Video SEO is all about using the proper keywords in your video titles and descriptions. To get a feel for the most popular keywords being searched at any given time, use the Google Keyword Tool or YouTube Keyword Tool to pick out the highest trending and most relevant keywords that relate to the content of your video. Then attempt to use these keywords within your video titles and descriptions. Once your video is completed and you've chosen your keyword optimized title and description, upload the video to YouTube as it’s one of the most popular search engines itself. YouTube allows for a title, description and keyword set to be entered with each entry. Because search engines are unable to decipher the contents (spoken words, dynamic text, etc) of videos, it’s important to use titles and descriptions – using your keywords -  to describe the subject matter. Take full advantage of YouTube's description box by placing a link back to your main website. After all, the overall purpose of this effort is to market your healthcare services – what better way than to drive people to your main website. I recommend placing a link to your site in the first couple lines of the description box and including the "http://" portion to ensure it is recognized by your browser as an easily clickable link. Here's an example of a link in the description on the Lovell YouTube channel:

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Don't stop there, however, because as Google stated with their recent announcement of "Search plus Your World," search and social media are being merged to help Google better tailor search results to individuals. This means that social media has become an important part of SEO and online discovery. Maximize this by sharing your video on your social networks (including Google+). You should also embed your video from YouTube onto your main website, blog, inside your press releases (if possible) and in your email marketing newsletters. This will drive all traffic to view the video on YouTube which will increase your view count. This is important because Google takes into account the amount of views per video when deciding on its popularity. The more popular a video, the better the chance it has of showing up in the top of the search results when your targeted keywords are searched. And by sharing your video on social networks, you also increase the chances of discovery from users of those networks. What pros and cons have you seen when using video as a part of your marketing efforts?  

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