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Posted on 09.02.2010

Email Marketing: It’s All About the List

In our latest e-newsletter, Ashley discussed how to boost email marketing ROI and stressed the importance of not bombarding your readers’ inboxes with unnecessary messaging. This is so true…especially if you don’t have a quality list. Let’s face it, we’ve all huffed and puffed at emails that show up in our inbox uninvited. Just this week we worked with one of our clients to straighten out an issue that was brought to our attention by our e-newsletter provider. They received a message from someone off our client’s email distribution list who was slightly disgruntled about receiving unwanted e-blasts. We typically provide ideas on how to populate quality lists but the list in question was gathered using established methods created by the client, so we immediately worked together to determine how this happened to ensure it didn’t happen again. During our research we discovered if you ask yourself the following two questions, you will increase your chances of maintaining a quality list. 1. How old is your email list? I realize an email list grows over time which is why it’s good practice to date stamp all new sign ups/opt ins, etc. in your spreadsheet so you can keep up with how long people have been on your list. If it’s been more than 18 months, consider sending a message that asks if they want to continue receiving your emails. 2. What is the time between consent and first communication? If someone agrees to accept your information/emails, you can’t expect them to remember you a year later. You should try to respond to that person immediately, but if that’s not possible try to send something within 6-8 weeks. In addition to the questions above, I also recommend you become familiar with the CAN-SPAM act that provides businesses with a list of “can and can’t dos” in email marketing.

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