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Posted on 06.22.2010

Dr. Scholl’s Ad Is Off On the Right Foot

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good advertisement. I appreciate good ads because they are so hard to create. When I pursued an advertising specialty at my journalism school, I learned very quickly that I was not cut out for the graphic design side of the business. I am a writer, which is the other reason why I love a good ad so much. I admire the skill and vision of those who have the creative talent to produce attractive, effective, visual messages.

My most recent favorite advertisement is a print ad for Dr. Scholl’s For Her Open Shoe Insoles. The ad is so simple. It is printed on heavy cardstock to withstand the weight of one real life shoe insert that is stuck to the paper. It is not a replica. It is an actual shoe insert for a right shoe. The cardstock contains this terse copy: Thin. Cushiony. Virtually invisible. Try one. We bet you’ll buy two. This ad is effective because it meets the most basic criteria for advertising:
  1. holds your attention,
  2. reinforces the brand,
  3. motivates you to action or influences your mindset.
The last criteria is key. In fact, one heel-wearer in our office (not me because I don ballet flats 24/7) tested out the insert before I even told her my plan for this post. She wore a pair of heels all day with one shoe insert in her right shoe. She felt the difference by the end of the day. Such a simple, effective concept motivated her to try one. Now she plans to buy two.

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