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Posted on 03.17.2011

Clever Social Media Brings Attention Back to the Cap’n

Since turning 35 I long for anything that reminds me of my younger years, so when I heard about the possible demise of my favorite childhood cereal I had to read more. Could it be possible that Cap’n Crunch, the delicious cereal that left a coating of muck in your mouth, could be removed from the grocery shelves forever? Well, a clever social media blitz made a lot of people believe it. Apparently, in an effort to bring the cereal back to its glory days, a web agency out of Chicago launched a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook called “Where’s the Cap’n?” This resulted in an outpouring of support for the cereal and Quaker quickly responded that the Cap’n was here to stay and would even have its own Facebook page. Click here to learn more about the story. The power of social media ceases to amaze me and I applaud its ability to save the Cap’n.

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