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Posted on 02.16.2010

Brand Wins Big at Blog Conferences

Companies continue to take a creative approach to reach out to bloggers as a way to market products. This was seen in action at Blissdom 2010, one of the nation's premier women's blogging conferences, held at the Opryland Hotel February 5-6.

We worked with  our client, Soles4Souls, to reach out to this influential group of bloggers at the conference.

Soles4Souls, the shoe charity, sponsored a booth and encouraged attendees ahead of time to bring shoes to the conference to donate to Haitian relief efforts. By leveraging Twitter, blogs, the Blissdom website and its e-newsletter, word spread quickly for attendees to bring shoes to donate at Blissdom.

And did they ever!


More than 1,000 pairs of shoes were donated at the conference. Attendees who donated shoes were entered to win a pair of shoes signed by Rascal Flatts; that contest enabled Soles4Souls to capture the bloggers' contact information. Soles4Souls also had the opportunity to personally interact with bloggers when they donated shoes and generated several positive leads for future blog partnerships. The organization also included information in the conference swag bags about how bloggers could partner with Soles4Souls on their blogs.

Soles4Souls successfully maximized its sponsorship to reach out to an influential audience, demonstrating the importance of including blogs and bloggers in marketing strategies.

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