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Posted on 05.19.2011

Be “Social” When You Use Social Media

I recently listened to a talk by Jay Baer, a social media consultant, about social media strategies and the mistakes PR and marketing professionals sometimes make. Actually, Baer’s comments apply to anyone involved with social media. Baer says it is easy to develop a relationship with our computer screen instead of our clients; that we sometimes consider social media to be a “conversation; the whole thing,” but it’s not. Social media tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, are simply where the conversation takes place. It’s vital that we maintain personal relationships with our clients and friends and not be hijacked by a computer screen. In addition, Baer emphasized the importance of putting strategy first, not tools, when interacting via social media. There will always be new tools, but a sound strategy ensures that you use those tools effectively and in a way that responds to your clients’ varying needs. Social media strategies should be built on measurable business objectives according to Baer. On his website, he offers a social media worksheet to help build your organization’s social media strategy. He also suggests finding out what clients are saying about your organization before developing a strategy. This can be done using software tools he suggests such as Radian6, Spiral16 and ScoutLabs. Do you have a social media strategy that has worked for your company?

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