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Posted on 08.21.2012

Athletes Are Well Known for Their Statistics On the Field, Businesses Should Be Too: The “Goals” of Social Media.

With football season right around the corner, I reflect back on the off-season and realize I haven't missed a developing news story, or a controversial decision dealing with my favorite teams or athletes across the country.  Whether it was the New Orleans Saints bounty gate controversy or Dez Bryant allegedly committing domestic violence against his mother, I have the latest and most up-to-date story right at my fingertips. Social media is not only providing us with the quickest source of news, but as by-standers we feel like we are a part of that person's life (even if we are total strangers).

The sporting industry has taken full advantage of every outlet of social media. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the three main sources athletes allow followers a chance to peek inside their everyday lives. Online engagement has had a major impact on how fans interact with athletes, sporting organizations, and franchises everywhere. Athletes are engaging fans by doing multiple Q&A's on various sites all while branding themselves and their profession.

So my question is; why aren't businesses doing the exact same thing? Why not update your status frequently to make your clients/potential clients feel like they have complete knowledge of what the company represents? Sure, some businesses have dedicated social media teams that constantly update their feeds, but what about the companies who need name recognition on a smaller budget.

There is one beautiful thing about social media that a lot of people take for granted..........It's FREE.

Businesses have the opportunity to create a sense of awareness with their customers. Social media has the ability to provide insight that a potential client will not find simply browsing their website. According to thesocialskinny.com, 65 percent of the world's top companies have an active Twitter profile.

The trick of the trade is to interact with your clients; frequently updating your statuses that have relevancy to the company and its clients will get you the most traffic on your social media pages, which in turn means more views to your website. Studies show that 71 percent of the millions of tweets each day attract no reaction. Focus on accomplishments your company has made over the years and events the company has personally been involved with around your city, state or region.

Athletes are well known for their statistics on the field, businesses should be too. Here are five statistics that will give you knowledge on how to reach more clients effectively using social media.

  • Social networking is the most popular online activity, with 22 percent of time online spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Google+ is the second-most used social network for sharing multimedia content from a mobile device (10%).
  • 91 percent of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns and 79 percent are generating more quality leads.
  • 47 percent of customers are somewhat likely to purchase from a brand that they follow or like.
  • Social media users are willing to pay a 21 percent premium for brands that deliver great service through social media.

What are some ways that your business can interact with clients/potential clients via social media? Let us know some ways of improving your business's social media presence in the comment box.

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