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Posted on 03.22.2013

Affinity Program Serves Tens of Thousands of Members

    Challenge For years, Community Health Systems (CHS) and its hospitals had a very successful seniors’ membership program focusing on individuals over the age of 60.  Lovell Communications Inc. (LCI) was asked to develop a program to generate additional members between the ages of 35 and 60. Strategy & Tactics Research shows women make between 70 and 90 percent of all healthcare decisions and spend two out every three healthcare dollars. Two-thirds of hospital procedures are performed on women; 61 percent of physician visits are by women; and 59 percent of prescription drug purchases are made by women. Clearly women are the drivers of healthcare expenditures, thus we recommended CHS focus on engaging with women and serving as a “healthcare information broker” for women who frequently care for their spouses, children and parents, in addition to themselves. We developed a turnkey program branded Healthy Woman for five pilot hospitals.  The program included logos, collateral materials, direct mail, monthly in-house programs/events, a speakers’ bureau, instructions on how to secure neighborhood business partners and strategies on how to engage women.  Subjects covered at the events included breast care, osteoporosis, skin care, diabetes, weight management, stroke, heart disease, etc. Results The program is now rolled out to all CHS affiliated hospitals and has tens of thousands of members.

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