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TeamHealth Physician Recruitment

TeamHealth wanted to recruit young physicians just out of residency in emergency medicine and hospital medicine. Our research shows these individuals are busy, pre-occupied, not inclined to respond to emails and not impressed by a lot of corporate-talk. They want to hear from physicians in their own peer group. Additionally, we know that with the proliferation of social media and online communications, people don’t necessarily expect “broadcast quality” video (Think: YouTube).

Strategy and Tactics
We decided to take advantage of the popularity of online video to “get right to the point “ with the young residents. We were already conducting interviews for TeamHealth print ad campaign and wanted to cost-effectively take advantage of our access to physicians willing to talk about TeamHealth. Lovell purchased a new video camera, light kit and editing equipment; we then doubled-up on the print ad assignment by interviewing each physician about his experiences with TeamHealth. Because very little extra time was required of the physicians being interviewed, they were pleased to let us tag on to the photo shoots and provide video testimonials, which we promptly and cost-effectively turned around.

At a significantly reduced cost, we produced a series of videos with young physicians offering testimonials about their professional growth and satisfaction with TeamHealth.

Client Response
"Lovell Communications is a great partner and is always responsive. Their video production work is effective, thoughtful and creative."

- Tracy Young, Vice President of Communications

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